Budget Sheet

2023 Montevideo, Uruguay

Fall: Aug 19, 2023 to Dec 08, 2023
Courses Begin: Aug 21, 2023

Customize your budget by making selections for optional items. Items with variable prices should be customized based on your spending habits, the actual cost of your airfare, etc. Enter a reasonable number for each of these items or click on the low or high values to select that amount.

Cost (UYU) Cost (USD) Selected (USD)
Program and Housing Fees
help-icon 6,580
Housing help-icon
Additional Housing and Meals
Housing deposit
Meals help-icon
to to
to to
Optional Courses and Tours
help-icon 200
help-icon 250
help-icon 75
help-icon 700
help-icon 985
help-icon 150
help-icon 200
help-icon 200
Other Estimated Expenses
Airfare help-icon
help-icon to to
to to
help-icon to to
help-icon to
Estimated Expenses Before Scholarships and Savings: $
Scholarships and Savings
Estimated Expenses After Scholarships and Savings: $

    This budget sheet is for cost estimation only. Some costs are estimates and all costs are subject to change. Choices made here are only for the purpose of budgeting; you will formally select or register for housing, courses, and other options via your Student Gateway account.

    Exchange rate used is 1 USD = 38.796116 UYU from Tuesday, March 28, 2023. Be aware that rates fluctuate daily, actual rates may differ and include transaction fees. Items displayed with abroad currencies are generally paid abroad.

    Contact Nicholas Steiner at 775-501-6013 or at nicholas.steiner@usac.edu with questions.